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Three Part Series of Articles by John F. Barnes, PT

The following links will connect you with three articles on The Myofascial Release Approach written by John F. Barnes, PT and published in Massage magazine. In these articles, John Barnes explains his Myofascial Release therapy and why it is so effective and long lasting.

Myofascial Release Approach Part 1

Myofascial Release Approach Part 2

Myofascial Release Approach Part 3

John F. Barnes, PT videos about his Myofascial Release treatment approach.

Myofascial Release Part 1

This is a short excerpt from the Fireside Chat DVD available at the John F. Barnes, PT Myofascial Release Web Site.

Myofascial Release Part 2

This is a second excerpt from the Fireside Chat by John F Barnes, PT on Myofascial Release. In this excerpt he covers what rebounding is and why some clients have a difficult time healing.


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Articles on MFR
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